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LUCKYANDLOVE has music synced in the movie called, Tiger Within.   The movie features LUCKYANDLOVE longs such as "Summer Time Frolic", "Animal (Wanna See you)" and "It's A Mistake." The film just spent a week at the Laemmle theatre starting July 7 2023. You can now buy or rent this movie on demand world wide on Apple TV, Amazon Video and your favorite streaming service such as iTunes, Spectrum, Prime, Dish etc.  The film is also at select theaters listed at the bottom here. There is also a link on AMC so it may go to bigger theatres. The theater experience was well worth it in our opinion.

The movie stars

  Ed AsnerMargot JosefsohnDiego Josef

Rafal Zielinski
Rafal ZielinskiTomer AlmagorGinn AndrewsJoyce LiuMikhail MakeyevMichael A. Pina

(The below information is courtesy of the distributor menemshafilmsTiger Within LUCKYANDLOVE)


During the preparation and the forgiveness documentary phase, music was donated  by Claire Boucher (“Grimes”). I reached out to Claire when I read a story in a  local newspaper in Montreal, where she was attending McGill University and heard her first garage band style album Geidi Primes, in Montreal many years ago, and  was hoping she would score a dream sci-fi project, yet to be made. We would meet backstage at various concerts for a few years afterwards and exchange emails to continue the conversation, about scoring films, and when this project came around she graciously allowed us to use her music, in the documentary clips,  fundraising videos, and promos. These can be seen on the film’s website. 

As promised I reached out to her to score Tiger Within, but couldn’t get hold of her  anymore, probably because in between then and now, she became a huge pop star.

We went through three talented composers, each of whom delivered a different  interpretation of the emotion, but it was Mark Tschanz who delivered just the right sound. We wanted it to be pure, emotional, yet not overbearing like a big movie, yet minimal and true to the naturalistic, handheld, documentary style of the film. 

The placing of the music also required a lot of tinkering. I wanted to make sure that the music would not lead the emotion, or even mirror it or reflect it, it was rather allowing the audience to feel emotion come from the performance of the actors, and only then the music would take that emotion and uplift it to other dimensions, like jazz. I would move the music a fraction of a second earlier or later and screen the  film and watch my emotions clinically like a surgeon, checking that it came just at  the correct milli-second. 

For the songs we reached out to local college radio station KXLU 88.9FM and  engaged one of its Radio Personality/DJs Anthony Knox, who specializes through his “No More Heroes” show in Punk and Up-and-Coming local Los Angeles Rock ‘Roll  bands. 

All the bands featured, including a live performance by Terminal A, are local LA  bands – the soundtrack has tracks from Jane Machine, Band Aparte, LUCKYANDLOVE, Plasmic and The Tissues. We wanted to give some of the local bands a voice in the film. 

The opening song “One You Want” however, is from a new band out of Montreal – Sorry Girls, where the director’s parents live. We licensed a total of 24 songs, some of which did not end up in the movie, but are being featured in 24 promos that we will be posting on the web, in support of the release of the film, being created by the Mike Penia, our Executive Producer, who is multi-talented and has an advertising background. 

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Kansas City, KS - Glenwood Arts

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New York, NY - New Plaza Cinema

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