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IMPOSE MAGAZINE - Premiere's Lucky+Love's new music video "Digging in the Earth" Directed by Steve Barron.

Sjimon Gompers | July 15, 2016

The latest from LUCKY+LOVE; press photo courtesy of the artists.

LUCKY+LOVE returned with the underground-earth tunneling Steve Barron video for “Digging in the Earth” that exhibits a microcosm of our own ecological ties. Found off the duo’s recent self-titled album, LA’s Loren Luck & April Love highlight the ant world where the two of them serve as overloads to the underground dwellers. With favor shown by the supreme matriarchal ant queen, the worker ants get busy taking on the armies of fracking drills, masterminding ways to stop the machines of construction from their own hell bent designs of geo-physical destruction. After the ants bring down the mechanical menaces, we see our ant friends enjoying the sweet synth pop spurned by Loren & April in the great happily ever after.


SPILL MAGAZINE - Premiere's Lucky+Love's new music video "Digging in the Earth" directed by Steve Barron  

Stephen Lussier | July 15, 2016

A Spill Exclusive Music Premiere

Los Angeles based duo Lucky + Love have a brand of dark-electro pop that is in a league of its own. Consisting of band members Loren Luck and April Love, the pair have successfully incorporated synth-heavy bass with polyphonic harmonies which in result propels the music into a dreamy state. Combined with April Love’s lush vocals, the two have mastered the art of live drumming, looping and monophonic solos.

With a full-length LP scheduled for release this upcoming fall the album has been curated to guide listeners on an intelligent journey through an industrial galaxy. A heavy rotation of repetitious beats met with melodic tones. Formulating a modern dystopian sound paired with ethereal highs.

The two have already proven their ability to reach a world-wide audience with success from earlier singles like “sexy” and with the release of their newest “Venus” we can expect nothing less.

Steve Barron (Film maker): “Limitations force you to take creative shortcuts and I feel like that’s part of the charm.”
Loren Luck: “Nature fights the greed of development.”
April Love: “In this video, we see mega-ants resurface reclaiming their territory by fighting a dystopian future. In turn, Loren and I are brought back to life after the unmanned construction robots cause a sinkhole to swallow us and our music studio whole.”




IDOBI RADIO/BLOG - Premiere's Lucky+Love's new music video "Digging in the Earth" directed by Steve Barron.

By | June 27, 2016 at 3:00 PM

It wasn’t so long ago that we brought you the premiere of Lucky + Love’s single “Venus”. Now, we’re delivering more great material from the California act, in the form of their new video for “Digging In The Earth”.
A statement on climate change, the song and video can be viewed below.

#POLIMODAMUSIC - Premiere's Lucky+Love's new music video "Digging in the Earth" directed by Steve Barron.

SYSTEM FAILURE B BLOG - Review's Lucky+Love's self titled LP/CD/Digital record.


Lucky and love is a band electro-pop American in Los Angeles. The band is formed by Loren Luck and April Love. Other genres in which we can classify this band are: shoegaze , dream-wave , indie , electro-synths , indie , dream pop and darkwave .

The Lucky and love have released an album that brings, as a title, the same name of the band. System failure has heard and these are our considerations. Sexy introduces us somewhat dreamlike and surreal sound world represented by this American band. Sounds pretty buttons across this song by pretty dance beat, somewhat haunting song, the song that much reflects his title.

Although Venus is very dance and brings us into a spatial dimension crossed by flashes of light. To Lucky and love seems a sort of " cosmic pop ": stellar atmospheres are the predominant feature of their songs. Do not miss the sounds quite marked in their songs, which are often sinister and disturbing. There is so much charm in Venus , there is so much charm in this band who, with his music, he can be so provocative.

After Venus arrive on Mars with Mars : by pressing the play button, with this album of Lucky and love , we have undertaken a rather dark and extremely amazing space travel. The dream-pop of this American band is precious, it is elegant, it is incredibly fascinating. With Digging in the earth back on earth: we are now in an idyllic, enchanted, magical and enchanted place. That splendor we can admire in this song. Even here there are rough and sharp sounds.

IMPOSE MAGAZINE - Premiere's Lucky+Love's track "Venus" Single.

Meet LA’s Lucky + Love—the duo of Loren Luck and April Love who contribute to the Southern California canon of deep-night driving synth pop. April’s voice materializes in a digital world of bass, synths, keys, and dashes of dark midnight moods—the two control their own super-modern world of unlimited neon-moonlight that brings to mind nearly every futuristic Los Angeles-based film thriller that is centered on the world of cars and infinite open, urban-lit roads.

Their new single “Venus” takes April & Loren Luck’s metropolitan mode vanities to galactic new levels. The oscillation between the asphalt synth streets & interstellar outer realms feels closer than ever, as Lucky + Love ride out their Ryan Gosling film fantasies like a science fiction rocket of building emotions out to outer reaches of our galaxy & minds.

Lucky + Love’s April Love shared the following insights into the duo’s synergy:

Our songs are channeled quickly, and usually take a few passes to get the song structure just right. This song had the usual magical chemistry, but then we took several months working on the getting grinding bass syncopation the way we envisioned. Since Loren rides a Triumph bike, I imagine the song being sung on a back of his motorcycle, trying to communicate with wind and turbulence is in our ear drums. In the end, we just communicate with audible telekinesis and through our vibrating simultaneous Little Phatty & OP1 solos.

IDOBI RADIO/BLOG - Premiere's Lucky+Love's track "Venus" Single.

 April 29, 2016 | By Emillie Marvel

Get deep, dark, and electronic with Los Angeles’ Lucky + Love. We’re bringing you the premiere of the band’s brand new single “Venus” right here on!

The combined project of Loren Luck and April Love, the duo is sure to bring ethereal dreams and unstoppable synths that’ll have you dancing through the weekend.

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"American electro-pop pair Lucky + Love have been turning heads on both sides of the Atlantic since arriving on the scene earlier this year. Their debut single, “Sexy”, has managed to infiltrate the airwaves of a number of British radio stations, while also making its presence felt in nations as far afield as Peru and Croatia.

The dynamic duo – made up of musicians Loren Lucky and April Love – are currently working on their first full length outing, due to drop in the autumn. As they continue to construct compositions to complete the compilation, they’ve put out a few preview pieces to whet appetites ahead of its arrival.

Their aforementioned inaugural effort taps into an arresting electronic beat which persists behind a high-pitched, hard-hitting harmony. Building steadily as it unfolds, it adds in a plethora of striking synths while maintaining a heavy bass line. The melody stays simple, exhibiting an impudent attitude that helps it become a fun and feisty electro anthem.

“Venus” blasts off upon animated electronics which keep things keen during an energetic harmony. The percussion remains pressing throughout the verse as the synths have an intense impact. It’s more dire and determined than the above endeavour, featuring vocals that echo enthusiastically across the air. This all amounts to another innocuous and avid offering.

“You’ll Never Know” paces forward slowly yet purposefully through an ocean of otherworldly electronics and distant, distorted vocals. It’s a rather haunting venture, the gradual development and dreamy nature of which affords it a strong ethereal edge.

“Mars” erupts into a frenzy of frantic synths and shrill vocals. The quick and quirky instrumental execution sets an initially anxious atmosphere that allows itself to relax and relent for brief periods. The result is an intriguing undertaking, which somehow ends up being equal parts chaotic and comforting.

These tracks definitely do present a tantalising taste of what’s to come. Lucky + Love already have a further six songs named and nearing completion for their upcoming album. If they can emulate the easy and exciting electro attributes of those they’ve already unleashed, then it’s sure to be a riveting record. In the meantime, all of the above are available on iTunes."

Written by Dave Simpson