This Saturday Night in LA.

This Saturday Night in LA.

Check out our performance at the Lovecraft bar in Portland!

We love you Portland!!!!! Lovecraft is the best!!!! xoxo

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We are performing Saturday night at the Airliner in Los Angeles. The presale tickets are below:


" of the most catchy songs..." -Electrozombies, Germany

"will knock you off your feet"

"will knock you off your feet"

– The Revue, Canada

"synthtastic mastery"

"synthtastic mastery"

– Big Takeover Magazine, New York

"a sci-journey"

"a sci-journey"

– Overblown Magazine, UK

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"When is new music coming out?"

We are slated to finish up our sophomore record at Comp-ny Studio with Be Hussey from the TANGIENTS in May 2018, and we'll announce the release date soon. We also plan on recording our third record with producer John Fryer in the very near future. Since November we experienced some personal set backs that caused some delays since we hoped to release music at the end of last year. The future is looking bright for LUCKYANDLOVE. With our tour this spring we will be performing our new songs from our new record, offering preorders, and performing a Cocteau Twins cover!

What's the vibe of the next record?

Our second record includes songs about wildness, ghosts, the afterlife, the pricelessness of human consciousness, and other psychedelic themes.

What instruments do you use?

LUCKYANDLOVE performs mostly analog and digital synths, sequencers, drumpads, and samplers as musical instruments without the need for a standard digital work station (DAW).

Here is a break down of the instrumentation

April Love plays with a Moog Slim Phatty first using a JDI box to insure the grounded electricity sounds great, along with a poly tune tuning pedal since the analog Moog can go out of tune if it's not warmed up, the Slim Phatty sounds great on it's own but it's put though a boss reverb pedal, the Slim Phatty is perfomed via midi on a Korg RK 100-S Keytar which has a unique touch strip along the keys called a long ribbon controler that when paired with the Slim Phatty's moog filters can sound like a fretless instrument suh as the sitar. Originally, she was doing a lot of knob turning during live shows and now she's controlling the moog filters with a Moog EP3 Expression Pedal, to keep her hands free when singing.

April also performs songs with some of the Korg RK 100-S Keytar's more unique sounding oscillator algorithms, saw tooth waves and square wave sounds and other songs she puts the keytar down to play her two Roland Sound Module at the symultaneously, one is a Roland JX-03 which emlulates a Roland Juno 60 she used to play, and the other is a Roland JU-06 which both have their own Roland Sound Module keyboards. Switching from the Moog and Keytar to the Roland Sound Modules happens with a Morely ABC switch pedal. At home she records with a Neuman Microphone and she has a Shure mike for performances using a Boss VE-5 Vocal Processor and a Boss FS-6 Dual Foot Switch, all instruments running through a Berhinger Amp.

Loren plays live drums with the Roland Roland SPD-SX Sampling Percussion Pad, and also performs triggered loops with his lit up drum sticks switching from the with Elektron Digitakt , Roland Oktapad , Line 6 HS FX Pedal, Dave Smith Tempest, using a K-Mix Audio Interface and Boss Switch Pedals .

When April and Loren write songs, April sings lyrics that are inspired by what she hears Loren drum and live looping on synths, while grooving some bass elements. Loren drums live loops and builds custom soundscapes on the fly during the jam sessions with his Moog Minitaur , Teenage Engineering Op-1, Roland JD-XI and tools previously mentioned. We feel more connected writing music this way.

We jam in parks and the beach with more battery operated toys like Critter & Guitari's Organelle , Kaos Pads , Teenage Engineering PO-12 (Pocket Operator).

In our recording studio we have a Moog Little Phatty Korg Stage Vintage , QSC Touch Mix and several guitars.

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