It's a Mistake


 It's a Mistake  by LUCKYANDLOVE

out of lives of sound.
down these glass halls
in the recesses of my mind.

I was misunderstood
now I am trying to understand.

Mistaken for injustice
like three parts of a whole.
I wanted to explain.
Wanted to refrain.
Wanted to kill the reasons in which I know.
Holding right and wrong in one breath.
There is a decay when you walk away

Creative distance.
Cognitive dissonance.
Harmony to death.
It’s beneath the surface

Hovering in the room
will the problem still exist
when I swallow my own truth?

You won’t hear me anyway.
There is nothing more to say.
Holding my breath.
Holding my tongue
because of what I said
in a new life
on a new day.

It’s a mistake.

written and performed by LUCKYANDLOVE
ASCAP; published by lynxtechnique + oilxice
US Copyright © 2019 luckyandlove