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This record is the second record by LUCKYANDLOVE due out June 7th, 2019. It's electronic, analog sounding with some fun dance tracks, some dreamy tracks, and some moody tracks. "This is a very transformational record. Making it was an emotional journey with both heart-breaking and fun experiences because we are always in transition," says Loren Luck. "Telekinesis and Ayahuasca are my two favorite words I sing on this record. We on fun moments in the past, like dancing in clubs or going to the beach. At the same time, this record is going to take you an emotional trip. - April Love "Now the band has announced their second album Transitions, which is going to be unleashed on the world in late May. These ten new tracks are preceded by the seductive, dark, and intensely beautiful single “Soul Alive”, which sounds like it was created especially for a film like Strange Days. It is totally possible to imagine Ralph Fiennes falling into the groove on this track while engaging in some trippy virtual reality. The Big Takeover is supremely pleased to host the premiere of this richly and deliciously atmospheric noir track. releases June 7, 2019 Recorded and Produced by LUCKYANDLOVE at Warwick Studio in Los Angeles, CA. Mixed and mastered by Grammy Award Winner Be Hussey at Comp-ny Studio in Burbank, CA. ASCAP oilxice and lynxtechnique publishing.

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