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Secret promotional copy of Lucky and Love "Transitions"

This is unreleased and unpublished copyrighted music written by L+L.

There have been 15 unique 100% discount codes provided to trusted individuals:

  • 3 VIP ticket purchasers
  • 5 Fans that donated to L+L
  • 7 team professionals

If you are one of these people, you can download this on a computer (doesn't work on a smart phone) for free 1 time.

Once you click purchase you enter in your discount code. Then you'll be emailed the download link. Email april@luckyandlove.com if you have any issues.

Note before continuing: This is a private file for promotional purposes. Downloading this zip file you must also legally agree that you will not share, sync or save this on any server.

If you are not one of our trusted VIP, donating fans, or team professionals without a discount code and written authorization from L+L, the cost is $20,000.