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We feel our director, Steve Barrron deserves the award for working so hard on our beautiful music video.

In an interview with Torched Magazine, we talk about the video in great length

"LUCKYandLOVE’s new self titled debut ‘LUCKY + LOVE LP was just released June 30th via SRD (Southern Record Distributors). It’s lead off single ‘Digging in the Earth’, is accompanied by a video, directed and edited by cinematographer and animator Steve Barron.

Torched Magazine had the opportunity to catch up with the duo bringing light to their lead off single ‘Digging in the Earth’, living next to a construction site and their thoughts on an abstract philosophy of life, plus more.

TM – Your lead single ‘Digging in the Earth’ is accompanied by a very visual video with an animated fantasyland. What is the story that you are trying to convey here?

The lyrics to the song were written as a ‘Leave the Earth alone’ type of song. Several things were happening in our world that synchronized with the lyrics.  For one, there were tractors and pile drivers moving the earth next door, but also there were many clubs in LA were being shut down for luxury apartment development. Then, there was an insane natural gas leak, an ecological disaster in Los Angeles, later in the news there was the Dakota Access pipeline protests.  Everything seemingly matched the song in our minds, but not on purpose.

But the final story for the video was a collaborative one between the band and our director, Steve Barron. We all fired off a lot of ideas over the guys’ favorite food- pizza and we brain dumped all the ideas in our head, ultimately creating a mind map mess of post-it notes on the walls.

The story it’s self is a lot like ‘Planet of the Apes’ where the animals fight back to keep their territory. I suppose the dancing underground may represent breaking out of the underground music scene too (we played a couple underground electronic shows in DTLA). The video illustrates our studio, including my grandma’s Con organ, artwork and vinyl collection that all eventually fall through a sync hole.

In real life, the property where our music studio was, did have a large crack in the driveway, and there was definitely a strange energy being chaotically harnessed!

TM – What was it like working with cinemaphotographer and animator Steve Barron?  

We were in love with his other directed music video and is known for creating amazing papier-mâché big head costumes such as Hamburger Mayor McCheese and Lionel Ritchie. We knew Steve would go over the top and we were fully aware of his stop motion style, and now he’s an animator at Disney. He never ceases to amaze us. His hard work and dedication really paid off, he’s a great visionary. We were lucky to have worked with him.

TM – Did the noisy construction site that you used to live next to in Glendale, California have any effect on you creatively?  

Despite it being a big beautiful space, we endured waking up to the 7am pile drivers I suppose to pay our dues to hold down this space we set up as a home music studio. We have paired down our gear a little so we can be lighter for a tour. The owner sold the building to developers and we had to move anyway. I am thousand of times happier now back in Echo Park right near the beautiful lake.

It sounds ridiculous but a big part of it was simply that being uprooted forcefully if not by sound and dust but by the developer war here in LA, where everyday, beautiful old houses are being demolished, all to move into something of the same cost but 1/8 the size was devastating.

When the construction was happening, I lost the ability to hear the birds. Their trees were chopped down, and some little baby birds lost their mothers. In ‘Digging in the Earth’ I sing about ‘the building of cages to hear the wild’ it’s about how people go put birds in cages simply to hear it once and a while, when all we need to do really is let them continue to live in their trees. "


 Digging in the Earth Music Video

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