We touring up the coast with our buddies TANGIENTS find them at this link:

Wed, APR 18, Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA - LUCKYandLOVE, Steilacoom, TANGIENTS

Thu, APRIL 19, Sam Bond’s Garage, Eugene, OR - LUCKYandLOVE, TANGIENTS,

Fri, APR 20, Lo-Fi, Seattle, WA- LUCKYandLOVE, TANGIENTS, Watch Clark, (SeaGaze Festival)

Sat, APR 21, Lovecraft, Portland, OR - LUCKYandLOVE, Xibling, TANGIENTS

Sun, APR 22, Astoria, Vancouver, BC - LUCKYandLOVE, MeterBridge, TANGIENTS, Weird Candle

Tue, May 26, Pour Vous, LA, CA - LUCKYandLOVE, TANGIENTS, Ray Argyle at Pour Vous

Sun, June 24, SHHH! A Secret Synthwave Festival - More info to be announced!


NOVEMBER 25TH: BECK BLACK, A MILLION MACHINES (Featuring members of DEEP EYNDE & THE NEW ROOM) Live on stage plus their record release party & LUCKY and LOVE Plus PURGATORY SPECIAL GUEST HUDSY HAWN upstairs in the Loft!
Featuring Djs Tommy & John
($5 off Discount Flyer Accepted)





HOST KENT KALIBER will emcee & guide your Dark Journey

And of course the SINISTER GO GO GIRLS!

$5 off admission pass at which you can now use on any night for $5 off admission before 11pm for 21yrs and older! Print out ...or show us it on your phone!


Video from our last performance at HM157!


August 7, 2017


We are happy to announce after waiting patiently, we just got confirmation that our track FULL MOON was approved for submission to...

PANDORA & PANDORA Premium Radio! ️🎵

IDEA: Eventually, if you work in a cafe or a retail store you'll be able to suggest the song to your work's playlist and we'd really appreciate being part of your work's curated playlist! Until the track is actually available on Pandora (it takes a bit of time administratively)

Jason at said this about the track:

“Full Moon” is the track that ends the album, creating an almost ambient, dreamy feel as Luck and Love bring their debut to a conclusion. It’s flowing and dreamy, evoking spacey expanses and sci-fi horizons, begging for the listener to join in the exploration. The vocals match the mood, as a wistful voice swims over the analog compositions telling the listener to “Breathe, just breathe”. Indeed, this is a taste of a great debut that I have heard in full. I encourage you to follow them on whatever social media you entertain and check out their new album as soon as you can."

Here is the full link of Some Where Cold's review

These are the other ways you can enjoy our track FULL MOON :

Sound Cloud





Google Play





Also please Shazzam or song on your mobile phone as we get credit that way. ️


Thank you Pandora, Shauna at Shameless PR, Guy Sirman and Jason at Some Where Cold!

Southern Record Distributors Record Release

JULY 30th, 2017







LUCKY+LOVE's self-titled LP on vinyl is being released globally through Southern Record Distributors UK. The white vinyl record will be shipped and available world wide at a local record store near YOU on Friday, JUNE 30th, 2017.

The LP includes Venus, Mars, Sexy, You'll Never Know and Full moon as well as Taureon, Digging in the Earth and Legal Love.

The limited edition record comes with a poster and a digital download of the album!!! Make sure to request the record at your local record store today!

This is a new track unreleased called Legal Love. We are spinning the test press of Lucky+Love full length LP

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